Your Story is Our Story

Welcome to Green Matrix’s Story

How are you?  Would you like to know our story about the struggles  how we started and grow Green Matrix? The tears of happiness, the tears of joy of our team and our client which is you.  Because of you, because of the team, we would love to share the story about our story as appreciation and to remind us to our Big Why, why we continuously with our mind and heart to make this company Green Matrix Your Travel Solution as live as your desire to have  a better, easier, faster service that you deserve.

We love to share contents some travel journals, experiences, interesting places about Malaysia and other countries as well, anything you need when you are in Malaysia, we would love to give a hand. So don’t worry when you are planning to visit Malaysia. You are welcome with all our heart.

Additionally, if you are not familiar with Turo, it is a peer-to-peer vehicle sharing platform that allows car owners to rent out their own cars to regular people. And how old do you have to be to use turo? Anyone 18 or older is able to rent a car from Turo, but there are age-group-based restrictions on what kind of car they are able to rent.

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